Scam or Legit

Building a Django Web App
From HTML to Python to Deployment

Requirements: A computer. No coding experience necessary!

Course Details
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Python, Django, Deployment
25 in-depth lessons
60+ instructional GIFs
20+ in-browser code editors
15+ coding challenges
55+ quiz questions
Content Description
This course provides in-depth instructions on how to create your own web app, start to finish. We will cover everything from the basic structures of HTML documents and stylesheets to Django functionality, design, and deployment. By the end, you will have a fully customizable web app with the possibility to monetize through Amazon’s Associates Program.

Satisfy your entrepreneurial endeavors by coding something with a purpose.

Format of the Course
This course is provided entirely online. With the completion of each lesson, new parts of the course will unlock. To properly complete the course, users must have access to a computer with an operating system, such as macOS or Microsoft Windows. If your computer has a lightweight operating system, such as a Chromebook, instructions are also provided for properly completing the course. The Python programming language and a text editor are required, both of which are free and download instructions are detailed. Click Here For Detailed Information…

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