Loving The Game Of Life review

Are You Ready for an
Amazing Journey of Discovery?

What if Albert Einstein was correct when he said “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one…”

and if quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolfe is right when he says “ What we think is true is really an illusion, almost like a magic trick… ”

and if Indian Guru, Sai Baba, is right when he tells us that life is a game, play it!


Here are a few of the remarkable benefits of reading “Loving the Game of Life”

Loving The Game of Life
Gain more self confidence
Increase your self-esteem
Live your life with a sense of TRUE JOY!
Improve your relationships
Appreciate yourself and your life
Choose to do the things you love
Gain true security in every area of your life
Reduce your stress
Experience vibrant health
Eliminate fear, worry and doubt
Get off the emotional roller coaster people live on
Feel true inner peace
Become more creative
Have more FUN!

Discovering Who You Are and Why You Are Here!

1. The Quest
2. From Oneness to Separation Consciousness and the Journey Back
3. The One and the Many
4. Discovering Who You Really Are
5. The Game You Came to Play
6. Rules of “The Game of Life”
7. What Is Consciousness?
8. About the Illusion
9. What Physics and Quantum Physics Teach Us
10. The Holographic Model
11. How Consciousness Expresses
12. Mass Mind Consciousness
13. Duality Rules on the 3 rd Dimension
14. Playing “The Game of Life” – Part 1
15. Playing “The Game of Life” – Part 2
16. The Game as a Play or Movie
17. The People You Came to Play With
18. How You Create Your Life – Part 1
19. How You Create Your Life – Part 2
20. Mind, Brain and Vibrations
21. How Emotions Impact Upon Us
22. What About Our Physical Body?
23. So…Are These Illusions Too?
24. Judgments Hold Patterns in Place
25. May the “Best” Man or Woman Win
26. Affirmations and Mental Imagery
27. Appreciation and Gratitude
28.How Do We Change the Rules Of The Game?
29. What Will Life Be Like in Phase 2?
30. An “Epiphany!”
31. What’s Next?
32. Resources Click Here For Detailed Information…

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