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Over 25 email openers that you can send to a woman right now. These are the emails I’ve used to get THOUSANDS of responses from women. Page 70
How to create that “I gotta meet you” feeling inside a woman every time she reads your emails. Page 93
A sneaky email tactic that makes a woman feel like she’s known you forever, so she’ll trust you like an old friend. Page 88
5 words to include at the end of your email that challenges a woman. (This pushes her to write you back because she’ll feel the need to validate herself to you.) Page 46
How I got one woman so addicted to my emails, she wouldn’t turn her computer off until she went to bed to ensure she never missed a message from me. Page 90
The “magic phrase” that makes the process of getting to know a woman TEN TIMES more fun and exciting. Page 85
9 techniques that instantly let you know if a woman is worth your time. (Use these to weed out the “attention whores” who just waste your time and money.) Page 62
How to ease a woman’s fears about online dating by taking the 7 scenarios she’s most afraid of and turning them into something PLAYFUL and FLIRTY. Page 80
How to TEASE a woman playfully when she “misbehaves” so that she constantly seeks approval from you. Page 64
How to build a DEEPER connection with a woman by transforming dull, everyday questions into stimulating conversations that engage her on an emotional level. Page 87
The exact sentence I use in my emails to ask women out. (To this day, I’ve never had a woman say no.) Page 100
5 ways to “screen” a woman that lets you know if she’s worth meeting in person. (Once you know these, you’ll never spend months chasing the wrong women again.) Page 91
The correct way to ask a woman for more pictures without sounding like a creep or a pervert. Page 89
A simple technique to send her objections about meeting a guy from the net into the past… where they belong! Page 102
How to “punish” a woman in a fun way whenever she takes too long to write you back. Page 94
How to email a woman a second time without sounding desperate. (Use my special follow-up message that makes her feel guilty for not replying back to your first email.) Page 74
15 little photo tweaks that show a woman you’re a BETTER choice for her than other men. Page 31
A simple 4 step process to turn uninteresting “life events” into compelling, magnetic stories that will have women hanging on your every word. Page 54
How to be “first pick” for women by consistently getting your profile to show up at the TOP of the search results. Page 58
3 ways to become a guy that women find INTERESTING. (This makes her feel more attraction towards you on the first date.) Page 20
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