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In essence, the program is designed as a sequence of workouts to reactivate your metabolism.
To do this, you won’t need any equipment or gym facilities. I suggest you get a mat, because you may sweat a lot. Besides that, you won’t need anything else.
Then, you can start exercising wherever you can. Also, you can do it alone or a partner. My wife and I exercise together. It’s great because this program is for metabolism and muscles, not for shaping the body.
Bodyweight Burn is a nice program that will get you results. If you are an independent person who just wants to get on with it and needs no bells & whistles to exercise, then this is the program for you. On the flipside, if you are new to exercise, feel you need a lot of support, or just plain dislike badly-designed websites, then this might not be for you.
This program is a compilation of short-lasting, high-intensity exercises that boost your metabolism. To do this, the first aim is to lower insulin resistance. Once that starts, you’ll also reduce cortisol. These two hormones promote fat storage and can even cause diabetes.
After that, you will reduce the amount of fat your body stores. At the same time, your body starts to consume fat as a source of energy. It’s natural, a simple concept, yet many people dismiss it.. Click Here For Detailed Information…

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